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What is your digital death & afterlife going to look like?

Did you know that Facebook has around 300 million accounts belonging to deceased persons and that it is anticipated for this to be in the billions within decades?  This recent article highlights the importance of proper estate planning which considers all necessary aspects in 2020 (Year of the Apocalypse) – including managing your digital grave and […]

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Your Best Chance for a Successful Split

Black boots on the ground in front of two diverging arrows

Family Court horror stories abound. BUT. You do not necessarily have to be swept up in it yourself when facing separation.   Setting up good foundations is critical, as is adopting and maintaining a “big picture” and collaborative mindset wherever possible. (Don’t necessarily assume your former partner is beyond this themselves – chances are, you […]

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What is Collaborative Law?

an opportunity to do things differently. Collaborative Law is a process of alternative dispute resolution in which parties each appoint specially-trained lawyers and agree to work together to resolve their disputes out of Court. This process brings parties and their lawyers together in a series of round table meetings to facilitate negotiations in a focussed […]

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Online court systems and the need for truth and accuracy (including for probate and estate matters)

New laws commenced yesterday in South Australia creating new criminal offences for entering false or misleading information about certain matters through an electronic court management system (and including providing false instructions to a lawyer or other person assisting with the application). This includes (but is not limited to) information such as: personal identification information contact […]

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NEW Video Consultations available with Megan (Meg) McFarlane

Megan (Meg) McFarlane now provides easy and secure online consultations via Legaler (including free 15-minute initial consultations). In-browser video lets you meet securely face-to-face with Megan. No software downloads or account setups are required. Once you have made an online booking, you will receive an email invite – simply click on “view meeting” in the invite email […]

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