Online court systems and the need for truth and accuracy (including for probate and estate matters)

New laws commenced yesterday in South Australia creating new criminal offences for entering false or misleading information about certain matters through an electronic court management system (and including providing false instructions to a lawyer or other person assisting with the application). This includes (but is not limited to) information such as: personal identification information contact […]

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Where there’s a way, there should be a Will!

  Unlike some other states, electronic witnessing of documents is not something that will be introduced in SA according to the Attorney-General.   (But the criteria for those people who can witness Statutory Declarations has been expanded, including government employees, accountants, religious ministers, medical professionals and bank officers who meet the criteria – see www.agd.sa.gov.au) […]

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Why a Will?

Over half of Australians do not have a will – and South Australians were less likely than their interstate counterparts to do so with only 42% saying they had a will (source: 2018 finder.com.au survey). In fact, it is likely that for some of those people who have a will, it may no longer be […]

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