Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

Domestic Violence has been in the news of late and needs to remain at the forefront of community awareness and action.

You may not be aware of the scheme we have here in South Australia operated by South Australia Police (SAPOL).

South Australia’s Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) provides an avenue for a person to get information about their partner or former partner where they feel unsafe in their relationship or where they may be at risk of domestic violence.

Accessing this information can help a person make decisions about their safety and the future of the relationship.

An information request can be made either by the effected person, or by a person who is concerned about the welfare of someone they know. 

It can be done online, or a person can attend at a local police station for assistance filling out the form.

The types of information which may be disclosed from SAPOL records includes convictions for relevant offences (including interstate ones), relevant reports made to police and charges laid, current and historical intervention orders, breaches of intervention orders and other information relevant to the safety of the person at risk that police may hold.

The website further outlines the process and gives examples of situations where SAPOL considers that a DVDS application may or may not be warranted. There are also information sheets (in multiple languages) and a poster if you wish to display it in your organisation here.

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