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There’s enough change, grief, and insecurity following separation, without the burden of getting lots of advice and opinions that contradict each other. We can help you get clarity with the practical and legal issues you’re facing and map out a plan to get you to the other side.

In fact, if you’re finding yourself thrashing about as the reality of separation sinks in, some cool, sound advice can be like a lifebuoy being thrown to you. It can buy you some breathing time while you take stock and prepare to emerge from this state of crisis or panic.

As you read this, please remember you’re experiencing one of the most difficult challenges that anybody faces in life. This is because separation can impact your children (if you have any), personal relationships, finances, and your future security.

There will be grief to go through, even in the most amicable of separations, as your body and mind rewire to your new circumstances.

It’s normal to be scared about both your immediate needs and decisions, and challenges you might confront in the future.

This is why seeking advice from a legal team like ours that specialises in family law, you’ll have a source of information that is grounded in experience and law.

Without some sage advice, it’s common to feel like you’re running on the spot, expending all of your precious energy as you filter through different suggestions from well-meaning friends and family.

However, by equipping yourself with the right information, you’ll be grasping that life buoy with both hands and be able to make your way to safety and stability.

Final word: Whether you speak with Meg or Lauren here at Kin Lawyers, we’ll help you put a plan into place, based on practical insights not only from the legal side of things, but also in other areas of your separated life. We’re here to make sure you’ll be as supported as you need, or as independent and in control and you need.

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