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Just like the captain of a sailing ship giving the order to “make full sail”, it can be exhilarating to be finally separated and on your way to having your affairs sorted. But just like a ship can run into hidden reefs, you still need to keep an eye out for the unexpected.

We’ve written this page for you, not to rain on your parade, but to share our experience from clients we’ve worked with who’d taken great strides forward after separation but then been taken by surprise with unexpected difficulties.

A “successful split” ideally begins with setting up good foundations (see Thinking About Separation) but so too does a successful transition to single status, post-separation.

We believe that a collaborative mindset will be your greatest asset in this phase of your life. This expectation of taking a collaborative approach, we argue, should apply to you, your former partner (if possible), and your lawyer and any other professionals you are working with.

You’ll find that if you can have direct, respectful communication with your former partner (where appropriate and possible), you’ll save money and carry a sense of greater empowerment into your future. It will be hard, we know that. But we can help you map out your course and armed with that, the process can be more achievable.

But collaboration isn’t enough. The people you gather around you should be experienced enough and caring enough to tell you things exactly as they are, so you can make decisions based on good information. Your lawyer, your accountant, even your therapist (a good one can work wonders), should all hold your best outcomes as their goals, so that you can set sail with confidence, knowing your crew will help you navigate obstacles safely.

Final word: Once you have a good lawyer, you won’t need the opinions of others, or to compare your own circumstances to family law outcomes you have heard about from others. You’ll be able to stay in your own lane, and have the confidence to remind others to do the same! Let’s set sail.

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