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If your family members are engaged in a family business, there are going to be important questions and situations that arise from time to time that would benefit from legal advice.

Family Business: Common questions you’re likely to have when involved in a family business involve when and how to create legal structures. This is particularly important when working closely with friends and family in a family business enterprise, so that everybody knows their rights and responsibilities within the overall goals and visions you share.

Succession Planning / Wills: As family businesses endure, people get older and succession planning becomes vital to ensure your enterprise can continue into the future, which demands wills and estate planning are in place. To be true, it’s never too early to start thinking about your business’ future, so when you’re ready to engage in some succession planning to “future proof” your enterprise, choose to have Kin Lawyers on your side so you can benefit from our wealth of experience. We’ll strive to give you and your team guidance for the common good of the family, individual members, and the enterprise itself.

Deceased Estates: Whether or not there’s a business enterprise involved, living as part of a family means that there’ll be the death of a loved one occur that will force changes on systems and living arrangements. Talking to Kin Lawyers sooner rather than later can help you prepare for this inevitable part of life by arranging for your wills to be planned properly.

We cover Adelaide and South Australia with offices based in Glenelg and Gawler, and conference rooms available elsewhere, so we can make our services not only practical and clear, but also convenient.

If you’d prefer an online consultation, we offer them, too. Our virtual appointments can be run over the phone or through the use of online video meeting technology.

Our Legal Services

Deceased Estates

You’re heartbroken, numb and exhausted – and now you’re facing paperwork and decisions on behalf of your departed loved one. Our training and experience means we can help you through this trying time.

Family Business

You’re in business or property with a loved one (or considering it), and want to make sure everything is above board, everyone knows where they stand, that you’ve planned for the future and if necessary, to improve what you currently have in place.

Succession Planning

We can help you with succession planning, whether you’re making a family unit or ensuring its financial security, or whether you’re protecting your interests and seeking certainty in the event of any life changes.

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