Future Proofing

Putting A Plan In Place

Early advice is the best advice. Formally documenting and structuring your affairs today, with a simple plan in place to follow if things should ever go wrong or change unexpectedly, will bring peace of mind to you, your family, and business partners.

We call this planning, Future Proofing, and we encourage you to undertake some with us or whomever you have as your trusted legal advisor.

Future Proofing does not lead to a concrete plan set in stone, it is more like a compass that is tuned to what’s important to you, to what you hold as your “True North”.

For example, we know that change is a fact of life, but if you’ve done some Future Proofing with us, you’ll have a compass to guide you as you make decisions, even in the midst of an unexpected storm that is shaking the foundations of your family and/or finances.

With our Future Proofing process, we’ll add as many points to the compass as you need, to help you plan for what’s important in a range of life-changing transitions, such as:

  • Making (or joining) a family
  • Ensuring your financial security or that of your children
  • Protecting your interests in a range of matters
  • Setting some ground rules to preserve relationships and/or provide certainty and the outline of an agreement in event of any life changes

You’re welcome to talk to us about Future Proofing in relation to your own situation, or due to concerns about the actions or circumstances facing a loved one, which have potential to impact on you if things go badly.

Final word: Early advice is the best advice. When we talk to you BEFORE any challenges have arisen, we can help you plot a course that protects your interests the best.

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