Post-Separation Support

Separation Maintenance And Planning For New Relationships

Even after the dust settles, new grit can accumulate around issues like co-parenting or previously-overlooked financial statements. We can help you address them once and for all, and even help you put some clever thinking into place to prepare for new relationships.

There are a number of areas in which we can help you after separation and one of the most in-demand is called Separation Maintenance, which you might liken to a ship being in dry dock for important repairs and safety checks.

You would talk to us about Separation Maintenance when you want advice relating to creating and maintaining guidelines and boundaries, so that both parties who have separated continue to honour commitments they made when separating.

You’ll also find this service valuable for making sure there are structures in place for dealing with new situations that might arise that haven’t been captured in previous documentation or agreements.

If you’re co-parenting, you’ll know what we mean about how little irritations can occur and start making processes abrasive and fraught. Having a planning session with Meg or Lauren can bring insights from their wealth of family law experience, so you can smooth out the rough edges starting to appear and build more resilience and clarity into your situation.

Another area that benefits from Separation Maintenance, is knowing you have a relationship in place with your lawyer and/or accountant to deal with any financial issues that might emerge. For example, if a financial settlement had not completed properly, or had been overlooked, having some wise heads on your team can minimise any potentially negative impacts that could otherwise arise.

You might have no current issues but want clarity to help you avoid going through a difficult separation in a future relationship. This is another common reason people make a time to see us, after separation. By acting reasonably quickly, you’ll still remember particular things that impacted you during separation that can now be planned for and therefore avoided in a future relationship.

Final word: To avoid some of the pitfalls of separation, some clever thinking after the event, will prepare you to set sail again confidently so you can enjoy new relationships if and when they appear on the horizon.

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