Where there’s a way, there should be a Will!


Unlike some other states, electronic witnessing of documents is not something that will be introduced in SA according to the Attorney-General.


(But the criteria for those people who can witness Statutory Declarations has been expanded, including government employees, accountants, religious ministers, medical professionals and bank officers who meet the criteria – see www.agd.sa.gov.au)


However, there is no reason to put off delaying getting necessary documents for your financial and personal security put in place. In fact, it’s even easier!


We continue to have COVID-conscious steps in place, including:

  • Your lawyer taking instructions by phone, video call or email (including after-hours) – making a time that suits you is easy.
  • Sending draft documents by email or post or shared via our new electronic client portal for review by you (and enabling you to upload any documents to share with us).
  • Necessary in-person consults occurring pursuant to social distancing and hygiene practices, or us facilitating you signing your documents at home guided by your lawyer.
  • Providing emergency document preparation and assisting with out-of-the-ordinary witnessing arrangements. Same-day finalisation of documents is also available. 
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