Why a Will?

Over half of Australians do not have a will – and South Australians were less likely than their interstate counterparts to do so with only 42% saying they had a will (source: 2018 finder.com.au survey).

In fact, it is likely that for some of those people who have a will, it may no longer be valid or reflect their current intentions. For example, under South Australian law:

  • Marriage or registration of a relationship will automatically revoke a Will unless the Will clearly states that it was made in contemplation of the marriage or registration.
  • On divorce or ending of a registered relationship, any provision made for a former spouse is nullified unless otherwise stated by the Will.
  • A Will can also be revoked simply by tearing or destroying it.

Having a clear, legal and valid will is important, regardless of your age or financial position. 

There are a range of reasons why we put off making a will (the upfront cost, being time-poor and possibly being uncomfortable thinking about our death and having the necessary conversations with loved ones).

However, having a valid Will:

  • Is an eventual necessity – we’re all going to die, and we don’t know when!
  • Eases the stress for both you and your loved ones by knowing you have the necessary steps in place.
  • Ensures that things are made easier and certain for our loved ones on our death.
  • Reduces the likelihood of conflict, cost and legal proceedings.
  • Results in your wishes being carried out on your death (without one, the law decides who will get your assets — and this may not be who you wanted!)
  • Does not have to be forever – you can change your mind (and your will) when your life circumstances change.

We can help!

  • Having a will prepared is not difficult or time-consuming – we provide a flexible and mobile service and can fit in with you (including after-hours appointments) to take your instructions and have your documents signed.
  • Our will packages are reasonably priced (see here) and come with the bonus of peace of mind (and safe storage of your documents at no charge).
  • When we talk to you about your will, you will also have an opportunity to have questions answered and get advice about other relevant matters including your other estate planning (powers of attorney, advance care directives, superannuation nominations), your property holdings, business interests and other entities.
  • It’s easy to get in touch with us to arrange – by Online enquiry, Emailing us or phone us on 08 7076 9333.

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