What do I do before separating from my spouse?

If you’re thinking of separating from your spouse, whilst it can be emotionally overwhelming it’s important to have a clear plan with practical steps. 

We have put together a list of things to do before separating from your spouse to help make it easier for you. 

Look after you

The first and most important step is to look after yourself. Self-care is important when going through an emotionally tough time. Make sure to set time aside in your day to do what lights you up or seek the support you need. 

Gain some clarity

Take some time to reflect on your feelings and motivations. Are you wanting to separate temporarily or permanently? 

Gather your information

Gather your all important documents, including birth certificates, passports, and insurance. Make notes about your property, financial circumstances and contact information. Ensure all information is kept secure, by changing any passwords and updating security questions. 

Financial Preparations

Gather all your bank statements from as far back as possible, and make sure you have a bank account separate from your spouse. 

Living arrangements

Start making arrangements for your living situation. Determine where you’ll live during the separation period and address any immediate needs, especially if children are involved.

Legal Considerations

A consultation with a specialised family lawyer can provide insights into your rights, responsibilities, and the legal processes involved in separation. This will help you make informed decisions based on your specific situation. Find out more about how Kin Lawyers – your Gawler and Glenelg family lawyers can help you here. 

Parenting arrangements

If children are involved, their well-being is a priority. Begin discussing potential parenting arrangements and schedules. Keep their best interests in focus and work together to create a plan that supports their emotional and physical needs.

Your home and mortgage

Inform your bank or mortgage broker of the separation, and obtain all information about your loans. 

For more detailed information on what to do before separating from your spouse, download our free Separation Checklist

Remember, you’re not alone, and there’s support available to help you through this transition.

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