Rebecca Retz

Rebecca Retz

Can I create my own will?

Can I create my own will? Can I create my own will? Kin Lawyers Adelaide family law specialists

Can I create my own will? The internet has made it easier than ever to find do-it-yourself solutions for various tasks, including wills and estate planning.  But can you create your own will? The simple answer is yes, you can.  DIY will kits and online templates are readily available, tempting many to consider drafting their […]

How to protect your business during a separation?

How to protect your business during a separation?

If you’re considering separating or have separated from your spouse but have a business together, there are some things to consider.  We have put together things to consider to protect your business and assets during a separation. Seek legal assistance: It all begins with consulting a family law specialist. An experienced attorney can guide you […]

When do you need to update your will?

When you first created your will, the thought of needing to update it probably didn’t cross your mind.  We have put together some scenarios to help you know when you need to update your will. Make sure to reach out to your lawyer to help with making any revisions.   Marriage or Divorce:  You will want […]

What do I do before separating from my spouse?

If you’re thinking of separating from your spouse, whilst it can be emotionally overwhelming it’s important to have a clear plan with practical steps.  We have put together a list of things to do before separating from your spouse to help make it easier for you.  Look after you The first and most important step […]

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